Nicholas Gaskill (President)  

Married twenty four years to his lovely wife, Stephanie, Nick is a father of two girls and a grandfather. He is the Fleet Manager for the Nassau County Sheriff's department and has been in the automotive business for 26 years. Nick graduated from Fernandina Beach High School in 1990 and went on to earn a degree at the Nashville Auto & Diesel College in Tennessee. Nick currently serves as Chairman of Deacons, Chairman of Kitchen Ministry, Benevolence Ministry and the Pastor Advisory Committee for Yulee Baptist Church.

Adam Salzburg (1st Vice President)

Married to the love of his life Mandy, they have three sons and one daughter. Adam has been a Firefighter/Paramedic for Nassau county for 18 years. He attends the Journey Church where he serves on the Safety Team and is a leader of high school teens within the Youth ministry. Adam has a passion for leading young men into Christian adulthood and teaching them to become better fathers, husbands and men. Adam also serves in the Journeymen men's ministry at his church as Team leader for 33 The Series (Authentic Manhood)

Scott Schol (2nd Vice President)

Married to his beautiful and awesome wife Melissa for twenty five years, Scott is a graduate from Fernandina Beach High School. Scott has a passion for serving the Lord and has a great testimony on how God saved his marriage. Scott serves as Deacon, Leads a Bible Study Small Group and also serves on the First Impressions Team at First Baptist Church of Fernandina Beach.

John Culbreth (Treasurer)

Married to his loving wife LaMarge for forty eight years, John is the father of two daughters and grandfather of six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He retired from the US Postal service after 34 plus years in 2008. John is a former youth director at several different churches where he was in charge of teaching, molding and disciplining young men and women. John is an active member at Springhill Baptist Church where he works with the Community Meals program as well as a member of a Grace group. He also currently serves on the National Board of Directors for Christian Surfers US, the Board of Directors for the local Crisis Pregnancy Center and President of the Family Driven Softball League.

Gary Gaskill (Secretary)

Married to his loving wife Jeanette, Gary is the father of two sons and two daughters. For over seventeen years, Gary has worked as I.T. Director for the Nassau County Sheriff's office. Gary is a vibrant member of Yulee Baptist Church where he serves many rolls ranging from Stewardship, Vacation Bible study and Computers. Gary also works with the youth and recently launched Yulee Baptist's first ever "Men's Fraternity" program. Gary is a strong leader in the area of men and youth of the church. 

Ernie Stuckey (Advisory to the Board)

Married to his best friend Robyn for 40 years, Ernie is the father of two daughters and grandfather of four. He is Operations Manager for a multi-million dollar company for over 30 years. He is founder of The Family Driven Softball League and CMAN. Ernie is an ordained minister and a motivational speaker. He was a  Lead Deacon and Director of Men's Ministry at a church of 1500 members until he left to pursue Men's Ministry on a full time basis.  

JD  Lester (Director of Children's Ministries)

Married to his wonderful wife Wendy for eighteen years, this West Virginia native and father of two moved to Yulee in 1989. JD teaches children's Sunday school at his church of fourteen years (Living Waters World Outreach Center). JD also serves as Chaplin and Woodlands Leader for Trail Life Troop 555. He has also coached Pop Warner football and Girls basketball at Faith Christian Academy. JD works as Department Lead at Florida Machine Works and his passion is to challenge men to be Godly husbands, fathers and to raise up their sons and daughters to love and serve the Lord.

Brian Seay (Director of Family and Marriage)

Married to his soulmate for twenty six years, Brian and Paula have been blessed with two daughters. Carissa who has completed college and is now following in her father's footsteps in the electrical industry, and Allie who is starting High School. Brian has been in the electrical industry for twenty six years, He serves as Vice President of Healthcare services at the Miller Electric Company. Brian and his family attend Mercy Hill Church where he and Paula serve at "Gracie's Kitchen" together. Brian feels a calling in his life to work alongside other men to encourage and to be encouraged as we grow a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Charles Deringer (Director of Church Relations)

Married to his beautiful wife Lisa for 33 years, Charles is the father of two wonderful boys and three amazing grandchildren. Charles currently serves as Greeter in the childrens ministry and also serves as Deacon for the Journey Church. Charles has a passion in leading men to Authentic manhood and teaching men to be better husbands, fathers and leaders in the community. Currently employed by the United States Poastal Service, Charles and Lisa have owned several Subway Sandwich shops and most recently a local favorite "Doo Wop's 50's Diner".  

Brad Akers (Director of Fundraising)

Brad has been married to his beautiful wife Linda for six years; together he and his family attend and serve at Christwalk Church. Brad served on the church council for three terms. He was the Project manager overseeing recent renovations of the sanctuary at Christwalk and was part of the missionary team to Nicaragua. He currently serves on the Impact Team and is involved in small group Bible study. Brad is the father of two daughters (Victoria and Alyson), two bonus-sons (Wesley and Jason), who also brings daughter in law (Mandi), and he is a grandfather to Cason. Brad is employed by the Nassau County School District as a Maintenance Technician. Brad and Linda are also long time members of the Family Driven Softball League.  

Mike Rineck (Director of Safety & Security)

Married to the wife of his dreams, Angie, Mike is the father of two beautiful daughters and grandfather of two grandchildren. Mike, Angie and daughter Isabella attend Living Waters World Outreach Center, where Mike and Angie first met. Isabella is in the eigth grade at Faith Christian Academy. Mikes other daughter Tia attends Grace Community Church with her husband Andrew and their children. Mike served in the United Stats Navy for twenty years and has recently started his own painting and carpentry business. Mike has a passion for the lost. He has experienced the unfailing love of the Father and wants to spend his life helping other men and youth find the answer in Jesus Christ. He has worked with youth groups, attended mission trips, ministered in the Nassau County Juvenile Detention Center and has been active in the local jail ministry. Mike also loves the Green Bay Packers, the team of his home state of Wisconsin.